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Agricultural robots to replace a small tractor 🚜   

Sell your small tractor and buy a robot instead? Maybe.

Robots can replace the activities of a small tractor, but only until a certain degree. If you want to continue using your current tooling, either a three point hitch on the robot or just upgrading your tractor to autonomous robot may be options.


The key differences of agriculture robots vs small tractors: 

  1. Complexity of tasks: Tractor wins. Robots can handle very complex tasks and work with many sensors, however the years of experience and improvements of humans on tractors cannot be met yet in terms of complexity of tasks. 

  2. Exception handling: Tractor wins. Where exceptions are easy to handle by human beings driving a tractor and to interpretation on the spot, robots do not (yet) have the same and safety compliant features to react on unforeseen circumstances.  

  3. Accuray of tasks: Robot wins. By setting every action or a clear definition of a program to do on the field, the agriculture robot is execution tasks with a very reliable and accurate approach. Of course, still mistakes can happen... but it's likely to be due to a wrong set-up. In contrast, a human that is doing manual actions in a (maybe already partially automated) tractor, may not be able to perform tasks on the field also that accurate. 


Upgrade alternative allowing you to also run manual tasks

An alternative to going to 'robot-only' solution can be to go for a more hybrid solution: Upgrade your current tractor to an self-driving tractor. 

Read more here on the upgrade of a tractor to an real agriculture robot

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