Operations ongoing by CEOL on farmers repetitive tasks

An amazing   - and especially realistic -    step towards soil-friendly robots on the field!  


Diesel-electrical power on tracks - This lightweight set-up is small. Significant power and autonomy is provided by the diesel-electric-battery drive train. CAT I machinery can easily be mounted on the three-point hitch.  


Automation of repetitive tasks - Clearly oriented at the actual usage, Agreenculture positions CEOL to help the farmer. Not ignoring the time to set-up and monitor the work that CEOL is doing, but making it really part of the new activities. Where repetive tasks would normal cost the farmer 8 hours of work, the goal for Agreenculture with CEOL is set at 1 hour. 



Length 170cm

Width adjustable 72 - 120cm 
Ground clearance 21cm

Track width 180 mm

Ground pressure < 215 g/cm2

Tool lift amplitude 25cm

Lifting capacity 300kg



Thermal autonomy >20h

Traction power 10 kW

Propulsion 48V

Battery autonomy 60-90 minutes


Geo-positioning GNSS RTK/NRTK

Remote control range 100m

Maximum speed 5 km/h

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