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Large rear wheels give the Elatec electrical power to drive to mud

Decent tractor, that will not be stopped by any hurdle. There is also an electrical tractor version with manual steering available. A combination of high experience in specific electric driven machinery from Elatec, together with partner Rhobahn for the autonomous software. Located in France.


In the robotic version, the robust and reliable architecture of the Tract'Elec electrical tractor remains. However, it’s adapted to robotization. The manual cockpit is replaced by a technical for transmission and computing. All sensors and security systems are connected here.


Key elements from the tractor fundament:

  • Large rear wheels, with one engine per wheel
  • Large front wheels, with electric steering system
  • Electronic differential management


Therfore, this robot easily achieved the following benefits:

  1. Lower soil compaction
  2. High tracktion, less slipping
  3. High steering stability  
  4. Controlled and reduced turning radius


Specifications of the E-trac

  • Working speed from 0 to 6 km / h
  • Autonomy of 4 hours in spraying or hoeing, scalable up to 8 hours
  • Total mass with batteries <800 kg
  • Maximum overall dimensions: length 3m, width 1m70
  • 50 cm ground clearance at the lowest point under the rear axle.
  • Lithium batteries with suitable automatic charger
  • 3kw motorization with gear reducers
  • Electromagnetic brake
  • Operating temperature from -10 to + 45 ° C
  • Two or three hitch systems for tools with quick triangle capacity 300 kg
  • Adapted to work the vegetable planks of 1.20m wide
  • Middle to middle wheel track of 1.50m



A weeding (hoeing) tool can be delivered together with the robot. It’s made up of different coulters and intended mainly for mechanical weeding. The construction is removable, adjustable and upgradeable.



The robot cultivator can carry spray equipment. The capacity of the tank will be in the order of 300 liters. Different mounting configurations are possible, both in terms of the positioning of the booms and of the tank. The sprayer works with an electric pump (s).



The robot has a towing hook with pin for towing a trailer. The trailer can reach 500 kg of GVWR under driving conditions with slope <4%.

Elatec | e-Tract

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