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Set-up Naïo in three simple steps


Just three steps "...and it can even be more simple: When you already take the GPS receiver with you when doing the planting or sowing job on the field"

Naio Dino did just drive from the trailer, in order to be set-up to work in the field
Jan is doing the RTK GPS set-up for the Naio Dino

Remove weeds eco-friendly with the Naïo Dino robot. An advanced machine, that you can easily put to work on a new field with these 3 steps. How do you set-up the Naio Dino robot?


Step 1 - You take a robot

Step 2 - You measure a starting point and an end point on the simple phone-app, after which you also indicate how wide your field is. What you have entered in the app, is automatically processed in a task card for your field.

Step 3 – You can download the automatically generated task card on your computer and put it on your Dino with a USB stick. And drive away!

You have now put a machine to work that can help you to hoe weeds in an organic field. A high-tech machine with a corrected GPS signal, automatically generated tasks and a camera that provides even more precise steering. Generating task cards is an included service.

And it can be even easier: At the beginning of the growing season, when planting or sowing, put the GPS receiver already on the planting or sowing machine to measure the path. In this way, triangle- shape and other deviations are also fully taken into account.

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