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Farming robots to help you grow sugar beets 

How FarmDroid inspires all  farm robots for sugar beets?

If you're farming a decent amount of ecological sugar beets, the FarmDroid robot may me a no-brainer for you. You can see the robot as  showcase to inspire you and to inspire also other robot manufacturers.

Some key examples why the Farmdroid robot is consider a true gamechanger:

  1. The Farmdroid FD20 is an agriculture robot with a very clear application: It can take care of your sugar beets from sowing until end of weeding.

  2. The Farmdroid robot runs on solar energy, making it not only a 'sustainable' solution but also easy to keep it running (no manual intervention for the energy part).

  3. The activities cover a long period of time during the growth of the sugar beets, making the rendement of the Farmdroid robot relatively high.

  4. Perhaps the Farmdroid robot is the agriculture robot with the most clear business case. The business case of this robot is easy to calculate  - or at least to evaluate -  due to the very clear tasks that this machine is doing.


Why sugar beets are an easy crop to start with robots? 

The sugar beets is a relatively easy crops to operate in for agriculture robots: The large plants of a sugar beet are easy to recognize for the cameras of the robot. With a decent amount of space in between sugar beet plants, it is easy to manoeuvre the robot in between the plants without damage. Sowing sugar beets can easily take place without airsupport.

Due to these sugar beet field characters, many robots can fit the field. The key difference, typically per country, may be the track-width of the wheels. ​

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