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Hoeing operations done by Agrointelli Robotti type LR, at the World FIRA agri-robot event.

Agrointelli Robotti LR

This LR version of the Agrointelli Robotti is standard delivered with a three-point hitch and optionally provided a light-power PTO. 


LR is the abbreviation for Long Range. This is seen in the robot design with extra large fuel tank, allowing long days of operations on the agriculture fields. 


Years of experience

Agrointelli is an agriculture robotic manufacturers with years of experience. This allows swift international operations, advanced path planning and experience on the fit, and non-fit, to farming and crop cultivation systems. 


Robotti 150D vs LR

The Robotti can be ordered as a variant of 150D and LR - basically, two engines or one engine respectively. With the second engine on the 150D, the PTO can be powered for high demaning PTO power. The LR has an only (optionally) a low power PTO available. However, the LR does provide much longer working times with more fuel capacity. 


See here the field experience artice and movie, about the Agrointelli Robotti 150D sowing sugar beets


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