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AgXeed W5.115T2 at work with Maschio power harrow, at farm in Emmeloord, The Netherlands

AgXeed launched this new agriculture robot with a blast. It's a powerfull machine with a modular hardware and software concept. It can handle existing machines up to CAT III at the rear and CAT II at the front. Power to drive attached machines is also available.


Impressively calm, impressively effective... 

The consitent sound of the Deutz engine, the extreme smooth turning at the end of the field ... it looks so calm, but we allmost forget that this is extremely effective. No mistakes in driving to the next place to work, no forward-backward, not driving a meter extra to make it easier to turn ...  on a personal view, having seen this machine: I think it would be cool to have 'real tractor' vs the 'robot' competion (I've allmost no doubt that the Agxeed is performing faster). And if the power-drive-train of Agxeed is indeed efficient, even lower fuel consumption cost could be listed as benefit of more continous operation. 


Practicallity of the AgXeed

The AgXeed agriculture robot seems an absolute hit in terms of practicallity and power: This machine can just move to an exitising farm, while farmer can keep the existing tooling. 


AgXeed tracks to 'avoid soil compaction'

Tracks may weigh more and therefore can impact soil on deeper area more on total due to, arguablly, higher axle load... it seems clear the top-soil is saved by the usages of big tracks. For two reasons: (1) Less pressure per square cm and (2) reducing the slip ratioin. Besides, more stability of the robot is clear,  giving the possiblity to operate with significant heavy tooling. And with the clever mechanical adaptability, turning with the tracks is no issue. 


With the newer version of the AgXeed Agbot, also the distance between tracks is easy to change. And also changing the tracks is easier. Making it adaptable to every season and field, also fixed lanes. 


'Leading automation example' by AgXeed

In terms of repetative tasks, the AgXeed robot is helping automation in agriculture significantly. With beying spotted in the news and on 'real-life' on the field: It's executing tasks that a tractor operator would 'nearly fall asleep' (considering the steering is already done on RTK-GPS).  That's spot-on, for the first case to automate the 'regular tractor + driver' that is performing the task. 


AgXeed as part of an agriculture evolution

See here a special article available about evolution to Agxeed and beyond: Click here for Agbot Agxeed robot, next to the Agrointelli Robotti, a conventional tractor and a classic tractor.


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