AgXeed robot turning around with tillage tool

AgXeed launched a this new agriculture robot with a blast. It's a powerfull machine with a modular hardware and software concept, to handle existing machines up to CAT III at the rear and CAT II at the front. Power to drive attached machines is also available.


Practicallity of the AgXeed

The AgXeed agriculture robot seems an absolute hit in terms of practicallity and power: This machine can just move to an exitising farm, while farmer can keep the existing tooling. 


AgXeed tracks to 'avoid soil compaction'

Although arguable, that tracks may weigh more and therefore can impact soil on deeper area more on total... it seems clear the top-soil is saved by the usages of big tracks. Also, it's expected it gives stability and traction for this agriculture robot. Giving the possiblity to operate with significant heavy tooling. 


'Leading automation example' by AgXeed

In terms of repetative tasks, the AgXeed robot is helping automation in agriculture significantly. With beying spotted in the news with tasks that a tractor operator would 'nearly fall asleep', that's spot as on as a first case to automate. 


About tasks for agriculture robots in general

Would you like learn what tasks seem likely to be done by agriclture robots?  Click here to see the example of TTS automatic transplanter and how this agricuture robot selected the tasks.


About AgXeed

Click here for more information about AgXeed


AgXeed | Agbot

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