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Full autonomous tractor by Sabanto

Talking real-life examples: Sabanto is already performing a lot of work, by turning tractors into autonomous and connected operating machines. The case below is a cool glimp on the possibilities and robustness of the Sabanto autonomous steering implementation.  

39 hours

Full operational for 39h non-stop... only stopped working because fuel was needed

Sabonto in field at ducksize.jpeg

100 km

Running fully autonomous, but monitored in the 'control room' at > 100km distance 

Sabonto working in the night.jpeg

39 hours of work in 2 days.  Autonomous.

The 'misleading' picture above is showing high-capacity machinery. However, thinking twice... which one has the most capacity when one runs only when a human is present? Needless to say... how to reduce soil impact and enable better fact based decision, due to data collection?

The example of Sabanto's 39h autonomous run

  • Performing vertical tillage with an 8.5 foot tillage tool

  • Running a Kubota M5-091 ROPS

  • Rig was monitored >100 km away by Sabanto team sitting in Chicago

  • Monitored entire tractor health in addition to tillage performance

  • Stopped because ...... the tractor needed to re-fuel 

Autonomous field operations performed by Sabanto ​​

  1. Planting

  2. Tine weeding

  3. Rotary hoeing

  4. Cultivation

  5. Vertical tillage

Read more here about autonomous impact of Sabanto, at DTN. 

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Screenshot 2021-05-24 at 06.16.16.png

About Sabanto


Sabanto is based in Chicago. Their capabilities range from the actual farming until deep-data engineering. And everything in between, to make steps to more sustainable agriculture. To use their own text: 

"We use autonomous equipment to enable faster, cheaper and more efficient farming around the clock, anywhere in the world."

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