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Farming robots to help you grow grain 🌾  

Are you suprised to see a robot category for grain?

In the process around growing grains, there are multiple opportunities for agricultural robots. An key showcase for robots at grains is the tillage and sowing of green manure, after harvesting the grain. Needles to say, also the preparations of sowing, the actual sowing of grain and weeding can be taken care of by robots.  

The activities for tillage and sowing green manure are also shown at multiple robots and tractors with an upgrade kit to autonomous driving. You may worry about the straw that is piling up in front of the machine ... and yes, that's a serious case to consider as the worry is that the agriculture robot may not detect this issue at all. The good news, new sowing machines overcome this to happen in a large extend already. Additionally, you may want to consider additionally monitoring for your robot. 

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