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Farming robots to help you grow carrots 🥕 

Spending to much on labour costs for ecological carrots? 

If you farm carrots on an ecological friendly way, you will have to deal with a large amount of mechanical and human weeding.  Within carrots, agriculture robots are expected to help out especially on weeding now. In order to win your fight against weeds growing in between carrots. 

For carrots there are many more activities that can be done by robots, like seeding and spraying. Since ducksize has not seen this application in practice and they are not matching a sustainable visio, respectively, they are not listed here. 

Should you hurry to invest in a robot for carrots? 

If you may not yet see the robot to suit your needs for carrot farming, it seems better not hurry your investment for a robot for carrots.  It's likely that different agriculture robots will enter the market for application in carrot in the upcoming years. Multiple robot manufacturers choose to focus on carrots as their primary crop.   

With the understanding that teams are dedicated to work on agriculture robots to work in carrots, it's a matter of time to be able to witness successful results on the field. There may be robots that completely fail.... but success is around the corner. 

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