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New photo from brand Sitia and model Trektor agriculture robot in operations on the field

Photo of Sitia Trektor by GOFAR 


TREKTOR wants to help farmers transition toward an increasingly autonomous future. As agriculture robotics and other advancing technologies continue to enter the marketplace, Sitia has a clear focus on a hybrid drive train. Operations can be executed with precision, minimizing usage of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides so as not damage our natural resources any further while also optimizing yields on-site. 


The ROS Software platform developed by SITIA is fully open, as part of the TREKTOR LAB, so any idea created has an opportunity not only to be tested but also integrated into future developments!


Able to make long run, this Sitia TREKTOR hybrid machine is capable of mounting machine between en behind the wheels (cat.2).


Resizing of the machine is possible in different dimensions, therefore likekly to be able to fit your field. 


A clear target is set for this project in 2020 already: "500 robotics operational in the field at 2023". With an industrial machine experience, SITIA is producing this machine with experts from several companies. Located in France.

Sitia | Trektor

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