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Agricultural robots to replace an orchard tractor 🚜   

Do you want to automate your orchard tractor?

Replacing an orchard tractor to a special robot for orchards is possible with the examples on the right. It is highly depending of the activities you and your total set of tractors and machines. 

Robots for orchards can provide a serious benefit for comfort and efficiency when comparing to conventional tractors in orchards. Often, driving in the orchard tractor for long days my feel not comfortable with loudness and bumpy rides. Additionally, the efficiency can increase if you're able to save time from yourself or a driver (and are able to convert it in executing something else). Therefore, the robot may fit your need.


Examples of robots for orchards to replace tractors are shown on the right, you can click on them to learn more. Stay tuned on this website, as updates will follow. 


...or just upgrade your existing tractor to a robot....

You will not be the first to upgrade your orchard tractor to a self-driving tractor. 

Example can be found here to upgrade your orchard tractor to agriculture robot

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