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Agriculture robots to help you on tillage


Feel useless on some tillage tasks you do? Shift to robots! 

If you're doing tillage and it feels like a very monotonous job, that's spot-on for agriculture robots to start working. 

Only a few manufacturers can be considered to provide agriculture robot or autonomous tractor solution to do tillage. Comparing tillage to weeding, the total time spent may indeed be lower on tillage. However, depending on your circumstances, it may be much easier to automate the tillage task with agriculture robots or an upgrade kit on your tractor. In normal conditions, the tillage task may be very easy to perform by a robot. 

Why are AgXeed and Sabanto favorite to do tillage? 

Both, Sabanto and AgXeed have shown to do excellent tillage activities. Sabanto has shown to perform tillage endless hours in a row. AgXeed excels for tillage activities, with superb integration up-to the power shaft rotation of tillage machines. 


Sabanto is expanding, with a start in the US. From a ducksize-point-of-view, Sabanto is key example of being a true farmer. Seeing this 'adorable' orange tractor next to the big Challenger, you may wonder if it can really help you out? Your soil will be happy if capacity of the machine is increased due to smart and continuous operation, instead of more heavy machinery. The current limitation of the Sabanto on run-time, is the fuel tank.... Read the field run article here.

AgXeed is expanding, with a start in The Netherlands. The AgXeed Agbot is (and looks like) designed to do power demanding tasks like tillage. Where the tracks are the most visible part to pull some tillage machines, there are two other major things to consider: First, AgXeed has a strong emphasis on the weight distribution when designing the machine. Second, with a diesel-electric drive train the power on the PTO is easy to regulate. With adapting PTO performance an spader can always run with the exact right step-size, in order to give excellent tillage result. 

How can tillage by robots improve your soil quality?

Agriculture robots can improve the quality of soil by timing. For example, when you have a need for sowing green manure after harvesting ... a simple rain in between harvesting and starting tillage and sowing for green manure can separate the sowing weeks from harvesting. A robot can already perform tillage and sowing activities, while you're doing your (for robots likely more complex) harvesting job. 

This example shows the potential of better timing of tillage activities for your farm and therefore increasing the soil. A robot can also increase the timing benefit, due to independ start of activities. When the soil conditions are optimal, you can start a tillage task. There is no dependency on the availability of labor. 

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