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AutoAgri | IC

IC is a new autonomous tractor from AutoAgri. The autonomous tractor - or agriculture robot -  can work day or night, saving on fuel and cutting operational costs. It's also seems to target efficiency in order to reduce usage of seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides when operations are executed with precision under better weather conditions.


The machine can fit standaard CAT 2 machinery on the 3-point hitch, including PTO and hydraulics.


AutoAgri IC-Series Technical data:


ICS20HD  - Diesel plug-IN service


10 kWh battery pack

60 hp Stage 5 diesel engine




64 kWh battery pack


The following  specs are common for both variants:


Measurements (lxwxh) 4150x2400x2300 mm

Weight: Approx 2400 kg

Payload: 2000 kg

Operational speed: 0-12 km/h

Traction power: 4x17kW max.



Note: AutoAgri is listed both in 'small tractor' as 'large tractor' replacement listing, due to having a continous power below 100hp and a peak power going beyond 100hp.  

AutoAgri | IC

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