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Carré | Anatis

With its history in weeding machinery, now collaborating with technology partner HKTC to combine expertise of both worlds. Movies on youtube can be found on a recent update. Made in France, with the same roots as Naïo. Can be seen as the robot with a high potential for software and tooling.


Excellent robot to operate in the Greenhouse?

Due to electrical operation and short wheel-base, moevrablity seems excellent for Greenhouse. Additionally, the interchangeable battery pack enables long operations - while power can be expected to be available nearby. However, in order to confirm it's succes in greenhouse more information would be great ... in order to understand if the Anatis is suffering from any disturbance on the RTK correction signal in greenhouses. Perhaps the camera's can support sufficiently.


Proven 3rd party brands on board of Anatis

The Anatis robot is using components from well know brands:

  • RTK GPS solution from Trimble
  • Camera for crop-location recognition from Claas


More information about the Anatis can be found here.

Carré | Anatis

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