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Two agriculture robots from Farming Revolution working as a team to remove weeds from the field

The mechanical chopper of the machines of Farm Revolution is a tool that precisely removes weeds without chemicals, kills nearby weed plants within 1 cm of crop plants, and has an active function in killing every touched weed plant. This machine does not require any chemical use for it to be effective at removing large and small-sized weeds.


Deep learning distinguishes crops from weeds robustly, for which Farm Revolution is using a large plant databas. With 99% per-pixel accuracy, 12M+annotations and 65+ species, 50 fields, 5 years of data as well as growth stages day or night including mud/dew covering and plants overlapping each other.


The new autonomous robot from Farm Revolution is designed to drive over crop rows while being safe. It has precise row following capabilities, lightweight mobility, 26 hours of autonomy with an adaptable design making it easy for maintenance if any problems arise.


In order to enable robotic weeding easily and clearly driven on the result, not bothering farmers with complexity that may stop adaption, Farm Revolution is offering the weeding by robots as a weeding-as-a-service offering. 


Farming Revolution weeding-as-a-service

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