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Agriculture robots to replace a large tractor 🚜   

Can the Agrointelli Robotti also be relevant to you?


The Agxeed Agbot is already available to buy in limited numbers. It can help you on many tasks to replace a large tractor, due to stable and powerful operations.   

This robot is beyond comparable with a large tractor: It has the key elements of a large tractor ... on top, it has a powerful PTO that has an electrical powertrain (like the tracks). This allows more precise regulation. Meanwhile the actual powersource is a well-proven technology that you know as a large tractor: Deutz. 

Is the AgXeed Agbot already available to buy?

Let's just name.... it has a total of 150 horsepower, hower talking about large tractors this robot as very small wheels.    

Depending on the type of soil and the way how you organize your field with possibly fixed lanes the amount of tasks that the robot can execute for you, may be far less than a tractor of 150 horsepower and regular wheels. 

The Agrointelli Robotti is build of two different engines: One of 75 hp for driving and one of 75 hp for a PTO. If you've a task that is requiring about 75 horsepower on the PTO and about 75 horsepower for driving, this machine is meant to be .... but that's where it feels a unhandy....  if you take for example sowing sugar beets with air support on a 3 meter working width, this machine is having both 75 hp engines running.... while in fact one is to power driving, which is requiring far less and the other is to power the air-support for the sowing machine, which is also far less .... 

And if you do a heavy tillage than it may not be possible to convert the power to the wheels (or if it's a PTO driven machine, the 75hp engine to power the wheels is to heavy). 

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