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Robot list

Agricultural robots field experience

Introduction to field experience 

There seem to brilliant agriculture robots, but how do they perform in practice? And how do you get a bit better 'look and feel' with these machines via a website? The articles below are created to provide you some shots and experience from the running the agriculture robots in the field. 

The Aigro Up robot doing weeding at tree cultivation

Aigro Up weeding between trees

This small full electrical and autonomous robot of Aigro is ready to make larger impact. 

See the mini-reportage of the Aigro Up in operation...

Naïo weeding robot: 3 steps set-up

How simple can it be? If the complete instruction fits in about a 1 minute movie this may proof you the easy start of the Naïo Dino on a new field.

Watch the movie or read it here...

Farmer making configuration on the Farmdroid robot in the field. Farmdroid is sowing sugar beets.

Farmdroid case: Sowing and weeding

A gamechanger to make a step towards agriculture robots, is the Farmdroid FD20. Simplicity. An clear use case. A clear business impact.


Read the whole story from a user here...

Two Ekobot robots weeding. One Ekobot robot in foreground, other Ekobot weeding robot in background)

Ekobot: Weeding on onion field

Removing weed, simply by striking it. That's where this highly advanced electrical powered platform is all about. In this article, you can read experience by ducksize in the field. 

Watch the experience on autonomous robot weeding here...

Elatec platform: Prototyping for weeding

With a multi-purpose application in mind, the Elatec electrical platform can also easily be equipped to (start learning how to) do weeding. 

See the full Elatec field movie and article here...

Amos electrical robot doing planting job on the agriculture field

Amos fully electric agriculture robot 

With two new models launched, A3 and A4, Amos is setting a fundament for electrical agriculture robots. 

Read more about Amos robot and company info ...

It looks so easy .... and that's where this autonomous tractor may be spot-on. Teaching it what to do, by giving the example. The full movie will give you an impression on how this autonomous tractor operating in the field.

Watch the full movie and

Sabonto in field at ducksize.jpeg

Sabanto operates 39h in a row

Why autonomous robots will NOT be available soon? Because they are already driving around. See this 39 hours-in-a-row field experience case of the Sabanto autonomous tractor. 

Read more about the Sabanto long-run...

Robotti sows 100.000 beets per hour

... but it's not only a love story, to teach the Agrointelli Robotti how to sow sugar beets autonomously.

Described with many photos and videos, discover the ins and outs of the adventure of Doorgrond with the Agrointelli Robotti.  

Discover the entire story here....

Automatic transplanter from TTS in operation. Robot to replace repetitive manual action to put the plants in the ground.

Different type of robot: Planting

While it's called often an 'transplanter' or 'automatic planting machine', the actions that are automated can also be labelled as robot. The repetitive task that was done manually, is automated. And it's already out there on the field for years by TTS. Interesting to learn from... 

Watch the impact of the TTS planting robot here...

Two Trabotyx robots in operation in carrot field, doing weeding

Trabotyx: Weeding in between carrots

Trabotyx is automatically removing weed between the carrots. By drills mounted on arms, the weeds are taken out. Turning on the headland is done by the operator.  

Watch the experience on Trabotyx robot weeding here...

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