Farming robots to help you grow onions 🧅 

How robots can help prepare the soil for sowing onions?

Agriculture robots can help you on different plant growth stages of onions. Where the seasons starts with sowing, the robots can already help prepare the soil for sowing (and also actual sowing, in the section below). 

To prepare your soil for onions a light but precise operations is needed. Ideally, the top part is very flat and the soil below the depth where the onion seed will land is untouched. Normally, soil conditions for preparing for sowing onions are dry. Therefore, it's a relative low-power demanding tillage task to do. Enabling also less powerful robots to execute the tillage task to prepare the soil for seeding onions. 

To prepare the soil for sowing onions with robots,  the Agxeed Agbot is an high capacity example. 

What are the ups and downs of sowing onions with robots?