Weeks at work with the Ekobot weeding robot

What's happening? 

During the upcoming weeks, many hours will be spent together with Ekobot in the onion fields. The robot should do the weeding. 

Here you can read an impression about this experience. You can expect the following three parts: 

  1. How does the robot weed? (Now)

  2. How does the robot drive?  (June) 

  3. How is the performance? (July)

If you've any questions or suggestions to report on, please don't hesitate to send a message


How does Ekobot weed? 

The Ekobot robot is an electrical powered platform. In the current set-up, it needs to be charged every day. 


Cameras below the Ekobot robot keep an eye on the onions and detect if there is any weed. The process looks as following:

  1. A weed is detected.

  2. The arm will get near to the weed

  3. A strike is performed, removing the weed

During this operation, the robot continues to drive. The arms can strike left and right.

In this way, the robot can perform thousands of strikes per hour. 

In the pictures, you can see the three key steps. In the movie above a quick explanation. This movie of Ekobot is also available on YouTube.


- camera spots weed


- arm gets near weed


strike -


More about Ekobot? 

Ekobot is a frontrunner for advanced technology for agriculture, as shown with this robot. The company is based in Sweden. 

The created weeding robot is in order to reduce labour and the use of chemical spraying. 

Discover more about Ekobot on their website

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