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Agriculture robots to help you on sowing


How robots reduce your soil compaction during sowing? 

There are two key reasons for agriculture robots to reduce the soil impaction during sowing. Firstly, the machine tends to be smaller and weigh less. Secondly, a typically agriculture robot is accurately driving on only the areas where no plants will have to grow and with a shortest-path principle.

In other words, an agriculture robot for sowing is calculating to drive as less meters as possible on the field (with less weight). Often based on RTK GPS and ideally also at the headland.

Why your accuracy of sowing is improved by agri-robots? 

Improved sowing accuracy may not be the key driver for an agricultural robot, but is a very welcome side-effect. The combination of technologies without human steering, do need more measurements to ensure autonomous sowing operations. 

As a result, also the accuracy of sowing will be improved. Take for example the Agrointelli Robotti together with the Kverneland Optima sowing machine: Did you ever image that you will get a pop-up on you phone with the questions if you want a re-run of seeding, due to to many missed seeds? And if you select yes, it will only place seeds on the spots where it did miss out the seeds - leaving the correctly planted seeds untouched! With the combination example combination of the Agrointelli Robotti and the Kverneland Optima sowing machine it is possible! And this is just an example of sowing with agriculture robots. 

Want to learn more about the field experience of the Agrointelli Robotti during sowing? Read the article and watch the field-recording movie here. 

How your sowing will be more efficient with agri-robots?

Agriculture robots will provide two straight-forward improvements for efficiency: You can do other things, while the robot is executing the sowing activity. The robot can continue without a lunch-break or sleep. 

It goes without saying that you have to embed the agriculture robots properly in your organization, in order to benefit from the efficiency gain.

There is not a lot of imagination required to understand how a robot can impact the sowing - and especially with dedicated field preparation for sowing - activity. Here, traditionally you have tractor and person running for the seed-bed preparation and second tractor and person on the seeding. Now with a robot, one person can run the tractor for the seedbed preparation and meanwhile only 'keeping an eye' on the agriculture robot that is performing the sowing closely after him. Yes, he may need an extra stop now and than (for example to refill seeds) but it will be nearly nothing compared to the effort saved.

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