Farming robots to help in your apple orchard 🍏 🍎    

How can robots help boost efficiency in your orchard?

Due to the high rows of apple trees in the field, mechanical upscaling for activities is very limited in an efficient way. At least, before robots came across. Now, you can scale up with capacity in apple orchard by making use of robots and automated tractors.   

In an apple orchard, you've nearly endless rows of trees with possibly lanes of grass in between. Already the simplest activities like weeding around the trees are super time consuming due to the may meters you've to drive. Upscaling on an traditional way is difficult, because it requires a mechanical construction that is reaching over the trees. Therefore, there is a unique opportunity to scale up capacity with automation via agriculture robots or upgrading your tractors to drive autonomous: Enabling yourself or another person to run multiple units at the same time. Therefore, benefit from more efficiency.