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Agrointelli Robotti at work in agriculture sugar beet field

See here the field experience artice and movie, about the Agrointelli Robotti sowing sugar beets


Agrointelli Robotti in a nutshell

Robotti is standard delivered with a three-point hitch. Allowing to attach standard machinery... but to perform the operations without driver of course. A couple of machines are operational already in Europe.


More universal

Agrointelli Robbotti seems a 'average' between some other robots like for example Agxeed and Naïo: Where Agxeed is clearly more focussed on being able to carry out heavy pull work and Naïo is taking a focus on weeding and more manoevrable platform with four-wheel-steering. So where Naïo and AgXeed are examples of 'task oriented' solutions, Robotti seems more broader oriented. In sounds great, but it may bring in significant extra complexity to make it succesfull.


Robotti 150D vs LR

The Robotti can be ordered as a variant of 150D and LR - basically, one ore two engines. With one engine, wheels will be powered. With a second engine, the PTO can be powered.



Agrointelli | Robotti 150D

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