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AgXeed autonomous robot is mulching tagetes, in reverse drive

AgXeed robot in operations of mulching tagetes, by driving reverse

Reverse driving of the robot

Operations of the robot

To avoid running with the wheels over the tagetes before mowing, the robot is operating in reverse mode.

In the video fragment you can see the normal operation,
driving forward and the current operations, in reverse driving modus
 The Müthing mulcher is attached to what is usually the rear hitch of the robot. Setting the robot in reverse mode is literally done by a single click of a mouse. 


Robot and mulcher with electrical drive-train

The mulcher from Müthing has an electrical engine, the power is given by its orange electrical cables. Therefore, the rotation speed of the mulcher, can be set independent from the wheel speed and can be optimized by this.

Measurement of the actual power consumption is included, both of the mulcher and separately of the wheels. This can be used to create a power heat map from the field or to detect error states.


Autonomous drive of the robot

Since there is no driver, steering is done based on the instructions you gave this machine upfront. Continue reading on this page, to see how to get started on the field. And good to know: More detailed configurations can be made for the robot and for the implements.

In the movie below and on YouTube, you can see the actual operations of the AgXeed robot in operations on the field. 

AgXeed robot on the trailer, with the operator next to it to start operation on a new field

Robot set-up to mulch tagetes

Getting the robot started

To get the robot in action to work on the field is easy by the following instructions. To start a job with the AgXeed AgBot, the following steps needs to be taken: 

  1. Choose the field where to operate.

  2. Select a robot and which implement you are using, in this case the Müthing mulcher.

  3. Set your preferred starting point and end point in the field. 

  4. Choose if you would like to drive the machine in parallel to the AB-line or for example, in a diagonal way of operating.

  5. Let the tool calculate the optimized route. You can see the detailed route plan, where it is turning and also exactly how long it will take to operate.

  6. Check if this is according to expected runtime. 

And that's it! Also, see the video below or here on YouTube.

AgXeed software as total farming management solution 

The software of AgXeed goes far beyond the robot, with enabling a total solution for the farming operations. The robot is just part of the total solution. Where until today farmers may have planning execution and registration  in different ways, the software of exceed allows to set up a complete farm. Making the farmer's life a bit easier by avoiding rework for other farm management 

High-resolution image of the AgXeed robot's rear-hitch with attached mulching machine in operations
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