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GoTrack autonomous: 
Driverless tractor


"Ehh... about the reliability of this system: The trust of the farmer to invite me for a coffee at home -- while the tractor runs next to a ditch -- says it all"


The GOtrack enables a driverless tractor. It is a system that turns a conventional agricultural tractor into a tractor that can drive autonomously. GOtrack does this by using sensors on the tractor to track its position, orientation and speed. GOtrack also has lidar to monitor the field in front of it so it knows where to go without any human intervention whatsoever.


The GOtrack kit will work with your old tractors. By using autonomous vehicles, you'll be able to run more operations at once and get more done in less time.GOtrack offers an autonomous tractor that can run on its own, taking care of the machine it's operating and cutting down on labour hours needed every day. GOtrack is specially designed to work on farms. It can help you to save time. During operations, when you're not on the tractor, the machine will inform you on situation where help is needed.


By carefully recording how you just have performed the operation the first time. GOtrack will be able to do it autonomously after this first time. The system is leveraging on multiple technologies, such as GPS, lidar and of course many actuators. Actuators to think of are steering-module, valve controller for machines and throttle control.

GOtrack has several safety features included. On top, it's not allowed to work on the field where the tractor is running. GOtrack is intended to be operated in the human's absence.

And is there a proof to be a reliable system? GOtrack is already very well tested and GOtracks have been operating in the field on the video for more than one year now.


GOtracks are designed by farmers and manufactured in the Poland. The movie and photos have been captured from the AUTO DRIVE system at GOtrack Holland. The systems are commercially available (click here for contact details).

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