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Farming robots to help you grow lettuce 🥬 

You're lucky if you need support in lettuce. Why? 

Lettuce is one of the crops where market leaders like Naïo (Europe) and Farmwise (US) did focus on for development. Therefore, for you it means that the agriculture robots in lettuce can be expected to have less teething trouble.  

Typically fitting the smaller seed beds also, the Carré Anatis and the Elatec e-Tract can be considered. Both there agriculture robots bring the possibility to attach nearly every machine on the construction. 

What activities agriculture robots execute in lettuce?

The most important activity for agriculture robots in lettuce is clearly weeding. You may recognize from growing weed that the most time consuming task is this weeding overall, therefore it's a great opportunity for agricultural robots to help with weeding in lettuce. Within the same accuracy some agriculture can also be use for sowing lettuce.  

Also the seed-bed preparation can be done, however are not (yet) the key activities considered to automate with robots when growing lettuce. Therefore, they are not include in this list but you can find the tillage robots here


What if capacity and price of the robot are to high for you?

An overcapacity for machines can be affordable, but if you're looking to buy an agriculture robot it may impact your wallet to much to have overcapacity. The agriculture robots tend to be fairly expense and therefore you may feel your size of field may not justify the purchase.

If this is for you a key reason not to invest in agriculture robots, please do contact ducksize. With a network of professionals, who are also providing robot as service, perhaps you can be helped out. Looking forward to hear from you. 

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