Farming robots to help you grow pumpkins 🎃   

When to consider agriculture robots for your pumpkins?

With a large distance in between, pumpkins are an easy crop in the early stage to take care off. And you can make this even easier by sowing it in a grid. How robots can help? 

Weeding in pumpkins needs several repetition, which can be done by robots. Additionally, if you weed in a grid, you'll be driving two times over the field with the tractor. You can save a significant amount of time by performing this weeding by a robot. 

Another clear case, is sowing the pumpkins by robot. The sowing of pumpkins with an agriculture robot is also possible in a grid. For example the Dutch company Doorgrond is using an Agrointelli Robotti with an Kverneland Optima planter to sow the pumpkins in a grid on the field.