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Agriculture robot  E-tract by Elatec and Rhoban System

Electrical robot with intelligent weeding

Elatec France did create the electrical tractor. Therefore, this robot has an enormous traction and robustness. Rhoban System did create the intelligence of crop detection, steering and weeding. Allowing the tractor to accurately weed in between the crops in practice. 

Details about the Elatec E-tract

The robot is close to current tractors, in terms of traction and attaching equipment. Some characteristics: 

  • Total mass with batteries <800 kg

  • Maximum overall dimensions: length 3m, width 1m70

  • Ground clearance of 50 cm at the lowest point

  • Lithium batteries 

  • Speed from 0 to 6 km / h

  • Hitch systems capacity 300 kg



Prices & nomination: Elatec at SIVAL

The innovation from Elatec France is getting in the spotlights. With already multiple nomination and also last years bronze price, Elatec is well known at the exhibition of SIVAL. 

Elatec robot innovation winner at SIVAL.
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