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Pixelfarming robot front-left side with cutter tools

Pixelfarming has the Robot One to 'renew' the use of ecological forces in agriculture. With a versatile set-up, the robot can adapt to different crop and crop systems. Therefore, the robot is prepared to allow a more biodiverse field. On the images and movie, the Pixelfarming Robot One is removing weeds in between the rows of crops with the cutter.


Track-width 'variable'

Without the use of tooling, different track-width can be choose. The robot has a smart non-centered positioning of the wheels in repsect to the the steering-column. Therefore, trackwidth that can be choosen of are: 

  • 3,50m
  • 3,30m
  • 3,10m
  • 2,20m
  • 2,00m
  • 1,80m


Possibel tooling

  • Gripper
  • Cutter
  • Laser
  • etc. etc. 


Other specifications

  • ±375cm width x 240cm long x 220cm high
  • ± 2.000kg weight, without tooling
  • NVDIA GPU set
  • 32 hp (24 kw) mechanical force
  • Solar panels mounted on roof 
  • RTK GPS onboard
  • 10+ cameras 


The Robot One can be purchased and rented at Pixelfarming. The target capacity is 1 hectare per hour. Robot supervision is (expected) to be needed.


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