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Sideview on the wheels of the AgXeed robot

HSS and AgXeed team up to make this robot and intelligent sprayer, with a 3D mapping of the field. This sprayer only turns on, when there is leaf in front of it. Weeding and mowing are the typical other activities targeted for this machine. 


Interesting detail: The driving direction during the mowing and weeding will reverse … so first you can mow the grass, before the robot is driving on top of it. 


Key facts about this robot: 

  • 4 cylinder, 55kW Deutz diesel engine
  • Electrical drive train, up to 13.5 km/h
  • Regular three-point hitch and connectors
  • Certificied to work autonomous, without supervision
  • A 2000 liter tank can be mounted on top of the machine
  • Launched October 2021


Expected benefits of the AgXeed HSS robot:

  • Replace 95% of conventional tractor activities
  • Save 80% of labour
  • Save 30% of fuel


You can find here a link to YouTube movie to see the robot in action. 

AgXeed HSS

  • Contact info

    Hol Spraying Systems (HSS)


    Tel. +31 345 22 90 30



    Main countries: 

    • AU (Australia)
    • BE (Belgium)
    • CA (Canada)
    • DE (Germany) 
    • DK (Denmark)
    • FI (Finland) 
    • IS (Island) 
    • SE  (Sweden)
    • NL (The Netherlands)
    • NO (Norway)
    • NZ (New Zealand)
    • UK (United Kingdom)
    • USA (United States) 
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