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GOtrack | Tractor upgrade

GOtrack is a record and play system. You record a route with associated work to learn the system how to operate. After that, the system performs everything in an autonomous way, so the tractor is driving driverless. Also what you do with the tool behind the tractor, like raise or lower your device. He can imitate all this exactly. This is enabled by GPS and other sensors. 


Field reportage made by ducksize


YouTube: Short movie if the driverless tractor with voice-over

YouTube: Longer field recording


Althouth the tractor is driving driverless, the screen shows the route and where in the work the tractor is driving. The system already has a computer embedded with different interfaces, which can, for example, exactly time without errors the dose as crop protection. You can recorded route pressure / caps / speed of the tractor can all change. The system can apply a certain amount per hectare calculate and arrange. 


The system with its lidar sensor can also navigate between rows of trees without GPS, so that it can be used more quickly as 'help' during activities in the orchard.


GOtrack supplies the system with a wireless remote control as standard so that it can be controlled from, for example, a work platform behind the tractor. With the remote control the tractor can also be stopped when a GPS route is being played. This can also be done by text message. The system also gives an SMS alarm when, for example, the tank is almost empty, the tractor gets too hot, there is something on the route that has stopped the tractor, etc.

GOtrack | Tractor upgrade

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