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Clean Korechi RoamIO operating on grassland in Canada

The Korechi RoamIO is a new type of autonomous farming robot, which can work seamlessly in large areas. It has been designed for corn fields, but can do much more. It combines advanced sensing capabilities with a design to explore, measure and operate in fields on electrical power. With its top speed of 9 km/h you'll be able to cover enormous distances in absolutely no time, while still being gentle on your crops due to very low pressure on the soil. 


Example tasks of the Korechi RoamIO

Some of the tasks being performed with the Korechi RoamIO: 

  • Mowing
  • Sowing
  • Spraying
  • Inspecting (also taking and transporting soil samples is possible)
  • Weeding 

For this, the farming tools can be easily monted via the mechanical connectors on the back. 


Low soil compaction on the field

When regular machinery will not yet be able to access the field, this machine can for example sow cover crop without a significant impact. The .096 bar soil pressue only, limits soil compationa and therefore enables to go on a moment that has not been able to do before at the same time. An example is presented here: The Korechi RoamIO robot sowing red clover with on a field of winter wheat


Agriculture robot with voice-feedback

This is an agriculture robot with voice feedback. So without any need to get you hands on your phone or without a need to stop the robot and look on a dusty screen, you're easily able to understand what's going on. For example, you can ask the robot "What are you doing?" and the Korechi RoamIO may respond with "Sowing cover crop". Other example are "What is your battery status?" and when the RoamIO is blocked due to a human is front of it, it will stop and say "Human detected". This enables you to quickly and easily get a feeling on what the robot is doing. 


Three steps to get it started

Korechi did focus on an easy to operate approach: With its simple, easy-to use software that allows users to upload field dimensions and then select an application area or exclusion zone. Once those are set in place RoamIO will generate just one calculated route per accessory type which can be loaded onto your computer before initiating run time!


Specifications of the Korechi RoamIO 

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Rainproof
  • Weight of ±500kg 
  • Mid-to-mid track width 144cm
  • Width of the track itself 30cm
  • Top speed 9 km/h (where at least in EU regulation may suggest a limit at < 6 km/h)
  • Operating up to 8 hours on single charge
  • Optional hybrid power enables up to 18 hours operating time


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