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Meropy SentiV is an agriculture robot that is working here on its own in the field, supposed to inspect crops with cameras

SentiV from Meropy: The agriculture scouting robot that highlights potential threats to your crops and discovers variability within field plots for farmers. Sentiv can also be used as a farm advisory solution at crops by providing data on experiment phenotypes optimized withSentiV in mind. 


The information gathered is highlighted within a map of the day's plots, allowing farmers to pilot their exploitation with precision. Collected data are analyzed by artificial intelligence algorithms that allow for the monitoring of crop nutrient and water requirements, as well as identifying biological threats (weed or disease) to crops. This software also has features which optimize phenotyping so it can be used for effectively in field-based research settings. 


Essential details about this inspecting robot for agricutlure: 

  • Camera in the body and in the tail: Looking upward, below the leafs
  • Multiple additional sensors are possible
  • Covering up to 20 hectare per day 
  • Weight of the robot is 15kg
  • Fully autonomous navigation on the agriculture field
  • Battery life of 10 hours (swapable batteries) 

Meropy SentiV

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