Robot list

Robot list

Get introduced to agricultural robots at ducksize

Which agriculture robots are available?

There are brilliant agriculture robots shown, however unfortunately many  only a 'prototype' and are not yet commercial available. Therefore, ducksize created an overview where you can filter on the maturity state. 

The functionality per agriculture robot is completely different from each-other. For example, there are weeding robots and fruit picking robots. And the characteristics per robot als differ on many other point. You can think about track width, power source and many more. 

Many robots in action on agriculture field

Autonomous tractor: Teach it how to drive

It looks so easy .... and that's where this autonomous tractor may be spot-on. Teaching it what to do, by giving the example. See the full movie and get an impression how this autonomous tractor operating in the field. 

Evolution from tractor trobot

A unique video shot, but what we will see more in the future: The tractor next to the robot in the field. 

On this picture, more that 60 years of 'tractor' are capture. What is the dominant factor? For which specific task will we see change to robots?

Robotti sows 100.000 beets per hour

... but it's not only a love story, to teach the Agrointelli Robotti how to sow sugar beets autonomously.

Described with many photos and videos, discover the ins and outs of the adventure of Doorgrond with the Agrointelli Robotti.  

Lightweight on solid track: CEOL

This robot is a realistic buddy to help you on your activities

Agri-robot experience: Sabanto

Why autonomous robots will NOT be available soon? Because they are already driving around. See this 39 hours-in-a-row field experience case of the Sabanto autonomous tractor. 

Key drivers to create agriculture robots

Executing work by robots is ongoing on many places. Simply think of a biscuit that you eat, 99% sure it's made by machines. Technical evolution and radical innovations are enabling robot development for agriculture. The key drivers for agriculture robots are: 

  1. Reduction of use of chemicals 

  2. Save labour costs

  3. Reduce soil compaction 

Kiss the ground: Inspiration for robots

This movie is a great inspiration to understand some basics about why and how to treat the soil well. This movie shows two main drivers: 

  1. The solution for global warming

  2. Economical improvement for farmer

Kiss the ground is a movie that shows the possibilities by impressive results from various projects around the world. And because it's making the effect of taking care of the soil, tillage and soil compaction extremely visible, at least it can be an inspiration to reflect on the way of farming and treating the ground in your area.