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You eat. You eat thanks to evolution from hunting to man- or animal-powered field farming, to tractors and agriculture machinery. Today, a singel farmer can harvest thousands of kilos per hour. But this kind of machinery is designed for uniform fields and does impact the soil. Ten elephants are less heavy than a sugar beet harvester. Therefore, ample of room for further evolution to create more efficient and ecological friendly approach. 

And why would technology trends bypass agriculture? Plant specific 'big data', recognition of diseases by 'artificial intelligence' and 'automated' operations. More can be harvested per square meter, in a more ecological way. Within this new dimension, technologies enable a friendly disruptive approach by unmanned and ultralight small vehicles ... let's image for now, vehicles at ducksize. Don't worry if it can do the job, did you every see a duck operating alone?

For now, this website shows a collection of solutions that are expected soon or are already commercially available. 






Three mountings for machines, with strong traction

Decent tractor, that will not be stopped by any hurdle. There is also an electrical tractor version with manual steering available. A combination of high experience in specific electric driven machinery from Elatec, together with partner Rhobahn for the autonomous software. Located in France. 


Available for sale

Hybrid powered, with also a version for vineyards trees

Able to make long run, this hybrid machine is capable of mounting machine between en behind the wheels (cat.2). A clear target is set for this project: 500 robotics operational in the field at 2023. With an industrial machine experience, SITIA is producing this machine with experts from several companies. Located in France.


One machine available for rent

Going strong for doing 1000 hectare in 2020

The base robot is available to manoeuvre, however it's just the start. It's a platform on which mechanical and software expertise can be released. The design can work cross-crop and allows farming the direction of permaculture. Working in 'pixels.' Located in the Netherlands. 


Available for sale
Carré Anatis autonoom aan het werk in de gewassen. Op de lijst van ducksize toegevoegd door Corné Rispens.

Full 24h hours operations in test

With its history in weeding machinery, now collaborating with technology partner HKTC to combine expertise of both worlds. Movies on youtube can be found here on a recent update. Made in France, with the same roots as Naïo. Can be seen as the robot with highest potential for software and tooling. Located in France. 


Available for sale, already multiple machines sold
Naīo technologies Dino schoffelt autonoom de velden. Landbouwmechanisatie voor de toekomst bij ducksize.

A large scale salad weeder, with a proven robustness

With already tens of DINO machines operating in Europe, this machine starts to make a footprint in some specific weeding. And it even has a 'little brother' OZ, than can weed and carry stuff around on a small lane path. Designed in France. 'Winner' for robustness, when plotting this machine next to the others.  


Concept. First machines to Swiss market. 
EcoRobotix bespuit ongewenste planten gericht. Kan zelfrijden en energie voorzien door de zonnepanelen.

Herbicide on-the-weed-spot

A bit of sun... and the ecorobotix does stop the weed from growing in your crop, by it's solar panel powered autonomous manoeuvring. For weed removal, herbice will be sprayed only on the location of the unwished plant. A second type is just launched.
The machine is from Swiss, operational as prototype.




U-shape carrier

Being part of Raven machinery, this machine has a new integrated way to connect the 'tractor' with tool and to carry out the operations on it's own. US based. 

Different tooling already available and it's inspirational to see the machine driving around with it in the different movies available online. 


Available for sale, already multiple machines sold
Agrointelli type Robotti aan het zaaien op een 3 meter bed voor strokenteelt. Door ducksize geselecteerd vanwege de gedegen benadering om bestaande mechanisatie in te kunnen zetten.

Perform small tractor tasks

Robotti is standard delivered with a three-point hitch. Allowing to attach standard machinery... but to perform the operations without driver of course. A couple of machines are operational already in Europe. Due to the possibility to attach existing machines, this is today's frontrunner on functionality compared to all others with the crops and operations it can perform. Danish design.

GREENHOUSE harvesting



Agrobot Strawberry harvest

Autonomous strawberry harvester

Harvesting with twelve arms, supported by high quality image recognition in order to determine the perfect moment to get the perfect fruit. Spanish design.


rootai tomato gripper

Indoor harvester for ripe tomotoes

Virgo model is aiming at indoor growth of vegetables, Root AI makes the development a picking arm. The Virgo machine is targeted to harvest tomatoes ... only when they are ripe of course. United States.





Small continuous weed remover

The terrill is cutting all plants below an inch. Over and over again, to keep your garden clean... on solar power. Currently only shipped to it's origin US and Canada.



Open source control of your home vegetables

Take care of plants individually, by open source available growth knowledge. Within the set-up, seeding and giving water will be done for you automatically... to harvest your own fresh vegetables.
Designed in United States.


I'm Corné Rispens, the founder of ducksize. ducksize is based in The Netherlands an is a straightforward result of two big passions and the daily news: 

  1. Farming, where I've been raised.

  2. Technology, where I've my career. See my LinkedIN.

  3. Daily news, about global population growth and climate impact 


Looking to global industry trends, I've no doubt on a significant increase in AgTech and specifically these 'autonomous robotic tractors'. In order to help us, on e.g. weeding but also on activities that we do not foresee yet. 


On any questions or suggestion you may have, I would be glad get in contact. You can use the form below. Cheers, Corné Rispens


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