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Practical information about World FIRA 


You can order your tickets online. Price of tickets are as following: 

  • Standard ticket    € 150

  • Student ticket      €   39 

  • Farmer.                 FREE


There is a large program set-up with workshops, demo's and the possibility to meet in person or online. 

Robot demo's

With 22 robots to show in demo's, you can choose the ones you like to see. No worries about the weather or the field conditions if the robot can do the work, recordings are made upfront ;-) 

Accomodation (hotel)

In order to support the three day event and/or your travel, the organization does have a discount for a hotel next to the place of exhibition. Discount code to use during booking: DIAGORA

Good to know: ducksize has no commercial interest or whatsoever in order for you to make this booking. It's sharing information, no secret door for revenue to ducksize. Unfortunately ;-) 

Also, ducksize is not taking any responsibility. Carefully check if you book the right place, the right date, etc. 

More info - FIRA website

Way more details can be found at the website of the organzition, which you can find below.  

Round table discussion about agriculture robots at FIRA event in Toulouse, France
Helicopter-view on FIRA event, showing differenet agriculture robots and people watching to the robots
Audience watching a robagri agriculture robot presentation during FIRA
Three agriculture robot parked next to eachother Trektor robot, Elatec robot and Vitibot robot, during FIRA event
Large audience watching FIRA programme
Slogan from FIRA: "When farmers take over robots"
Robot demo
More info
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